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Turn Your Skills into Leads and Customers: Storytelling in Your Business

April 13, 2023

Turn Your Story into Leads and Potential Customers Hey there, my fellow entrepreneurs! I want to chat with you today about a topic that is near and dear to my heart: storytelling in your business. Yes, you heard that right! Your story can turn potential customers into leads, and I’m here to tell you how. […]

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Turn Your Story into Leads and Potential Customers

Hey there, my fellow entrepreneurs! I want to chat with you today about a topic that is near and dear to my heart: storytelling in your business. Yes, you heard that right! Your story can turn potential customers into leads, and I’m here to tell you how.

We’ve all seen those sales pages and emails that try to sell us on a new product or service. To be brutally honest, the amount of impersonal static images of products is running through my social feeds at nauseam. It’s so frustrating that talented individuals are taking the easy way out and at the same time they’re losing ground in this marketplace. They’re becoming noise. But here’s the BIG thing, most marketers make the mistake of only highlighting the features and benefits of their latest creation, and they forget to include a story. Don’t be that marketer! The art of storytelling in business can be a game-changer for your success. It can be the difference between having a sales funnel full of leads or barely staying afloat.

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Connect with the Right People

People want to spend their money with someone they know, like, and trust. And what better way to build that trust and connection than through storytelling? But first, you need to identify your ideal clients and where to find them. If you’re too broad, you’ll attract freebie seekers or those who want a price reduction. On the other hand, if you’re too specific, you’ll miss out on potential clients who might fall outside of your initial target.

As I’m writing this content, I recall an energetic nurse that was in my IG stories this morning talking to me about midlife hormones and the wrong things women do when it comes to Intermittent Fasting. I can honestly recall the florescent pink workout top she was wearing, the black headband and the comparison she made between men and women’s needs. She was telling me stories as if I were sitting in a coffee shop with her, right across the table. This, my friends, is storytelling in your business!

Narrow your sights on your ideal client and create a storyboard with their demographics. Where do they live? Are they married? Do they have a family? How old are they? What are their pain points? How can you help them? By stating these specifics, you’ll paint a clear picture of who you want to help, who you want to attract into your funnel, and where you can find them to start interacting.

Make Your Connections Personal with Stories

Now that you know who your ideal clients are, it’s time to make a personal connection with them. Your audience wants to connect with YOU, not just your product. So, tell your story. Let them know your history, why you started your business, and how you can help them. Show them what makes you different from all the other coaches out there. What inspires you? What personal struggles have you overcome?

Don’t be afraid to show your human side. You don’t need a polished video, and it doesn’t have to be as lengthy as a TED talk. Just be yourself and let your audience get to know you. Show some bloopers, be accessible by answering questions, and ask them directly what kind of help they need.

Remember, when you connect with people on a human level instead of just pushing a sale, they’ll be naturally attracted to you and want to learn more about you and your business. But building relationships takes time, so be patient. Keep growing your network, and your tribe will find you.

Discover More Connection Tips in this Webinar…

If you want to discover more tips on how to connect with your ideal clients, then join me for my upcoming webinar, 5 Ways To Discover Your Ideal Client’s Pain Points & Language. It will help you identify your ideal client and how to market your message to them. And remember, approach your new connections with the idea of building a relationship and showing a legitimate interest in their business or life. You’re planting a seed, and at some point down the road, it will sprout, and these people will turn to YOU when they’re ready for your help. So, keep telling your story, my friends!

Click Here to Join the Registration Waitlist for the upcoming webinar! Seating is limited to reserve your seat quickly. I’ll also send out a limited-time replay but it’s best to attend live so you can get your questions answered during our live Q&A session.

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