"Are you feeling overwhelmed by the thought of working with a group or individual coach? Don't sweat it, babe! That's exactly why Dawn's coaching skills are so crucial. With her expert guidance and unflappable patience, she'll act as your personal catalyst to help you shift your perspective and see the world in a whole new, empowering light. Don't let limiting beliefs hold you back - with Dawn's skills, you'll break through those barriers and reach your goals like a total boss. Trust me, working with Dawn is nothing short of sassy and confident success."



"Are you tired of playing it safe and not reaching your full potential? It's time to up your game and make a real impact with the help of Dawn. She's here to help you tap into your inner courage and unleash your true potential. Success takes more than just hard work, it also requires a belief in yourself and your abilities. When you fully embrace your capabilities, opportunities will start falling into your lap like magic. So, are you ready to let your light shine brighter than ever before? Stop waiting and take that first step towards success with Dawn as your accountability partner and cheerleader every step of the way."

"You're stronger than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your super power to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works."

You're in the right place.

"Dawn has been a bright light in my world. She has helped me find my potential in my business, my personal relationships and mostly she has helped me be present in life. She is truly a gift to anyone who knows her!"


got her groove back:


"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


Made six figures:


real results

Ways to Work Together

Want to join the best mentorship team in the biz? Look no further! Learn more about working one-on-one with Dawn in her Social Retail Business. Let's do this!

Join Dawn's Social Retail team

Ready to level up your biz and personal skills? Get coaching, workshops, masterminds, peer brainstorming, education, accountability, and support in a virtual group or one-on-one setting.

Coaching & COURSES

Need some serious fire, energy, and motivation for your team or conference? Dawn's a pro in leadership, marketing strategy, and network marketing. Don't miss out, check out more about hiring her as a speaker.

speaking engagements

“when life gives you lemons, ask for limes instead + make margaritas!”




Ready to reach your goals and make your vision a reality? Let's work one-on-one to create a powerful, strategic plan tailored to your needs. I'll be there to guide you through a weekly process of interaction and accountability. Let's do this!

Want to think big and create solutions beyond what any one person can do? Join a group setting with me where collective input and discussions lead to mind-blowing results. It's an experience like no other, just like a think tank or mastermind. Let's do this together!

Individual Private Coaching & Group Masterminds


If you thrive on accountability, individually or in a group, this is for you.



Watching others go beyond what they thought was possible fires me up like nobody's business! It drives me crazy that so many people play small and try to reinvent the wheel. Let's face it, with the amount of knowledge you've obtained over the years – plus some good old fashioned hustle, you have already got what it takes to be the happiest person in life and business. You can unlock that inherent potential just by creating systems and strategies that will give you leverage and take your earnings through the roof. Seriously, let's stop walking around in circles and get cracking on monetizing those mad skills of yours!

I believe in allowing your business to work for you, not the other way around. 


You prefer to work independently and at your own pace!


more info plz

Are you ready to take your team to the next level? Look no further than Dawn, the go-to expert in leadership, marketing strategy, direct sales, and network marketing. Imagine your team being equipped with the right attitudes to develop leaders within, setting goals and communicating effectively. This is what you can expect when you hire Dawn to speak at your next event.

But that's not all - she'll also customize her training to fit your organization's specific needs and goals. 

Speaking, Workshops, Retreats Podcasts, TV, and Media


If you're ready to take your team to the next level!

"She helps you discover the infinite possibilities that are within you."

"With Dawn's genuineness and heart, she helps you discover infinite possibilities that are within you. She sees what you don't see in yourself and pushes you to live your best life."


Marketing Executive,Florida 

Yes, It Really Works

"She is motivating and inspiring - all while keeping it 'real'"!

"Dawn's energy combined with her expertise, have helped me feel like anything is possible!  She is motivating and inspiring - all while keeping it real"!


Senior manager, Oregon

"My confidence soared, and my goals found clarity."


J.D.,Coach,Author,Speaker, ILLinois

"Dawn's guidance and advice allowed me to take on opportunities that I otherwise may not have. My confidence soared, and my goals found clarity. And that meant my organization at that time was able to harness my talent most effectively and translate that into deepening employee engagement."