Building a Referral Climate in Your Business

December 16, 2019

I remember a time where I was literally terrified to speak in public, give a presentation or even allude to the fact that I was selling anything. I’m not aware of the defining moment where my attitude about sales and marketing shifted however, I do recall significant moments of inspiration that led me craving the […]

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So often we feel pulled in a variety of directions. My goal is to help you make sense out of your passions and develop a clear simple strategy to move forward in business and life. You can have your cake and eat it too! 


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I remember a time where I was literally terrified to speak in public, give a presentation or even allude to the fact that I was selling anything.
I’m not aware of the defining moment where my attitude about sales and marketing shifted however, I do recall significant moments of inspiration that led me craving the ability to master these skills. If you’re reading this perhaps you’re looking for the same inspiration or confirmation, that you’re heading in the right direction.

Top Tips for Networking and Building a Referral Climate. Ideas on how to build an organic flow of leads with little advertising dollars. Sign up for my newsletter for more tips on scaling a lucrative business!

You just know it!

In your gut, something is driving you with this desire that what you’re longing for is on the other side of mastery of sales, developing others, and leading a successful organization. In the same respect, you have a vision that others think is crazy, but your passion burns and you’re not quite ready to let go. And maybe you feel your heart racing, a lump in your throat and you are wanting to scream, “YES”, in this moment right now.

You’ve been called a dreamer. Me too. Frustrating, huh?

Perhaps people have even told you that you’re being unrealistic?

At some point you have to stop and realize that your business is only as successful as your capacity to duplicate and simplify. I’ve often heard that we set out to complicate things and in that space we lose a bit of who we are because we’re trying so hard to embody the strengths of someone else.

Key Tip: You are NOT them! Stick to who you are ~ that’s the fiber of where your success will lie.

This is one of the greatest lessons I have ever learned, learning how to be myself. Quite fascinating! When I pause and glance back, I realize that there are common threads that have held my businesses together and in those times where I’ve hit rough patches, even rock bottom and have had to start all over, it’s in these truths that I lean.

Tip 1: Happy Customers refer Happy Customers

This is the most economical and effective form of advertising. Are you asking your happy customers for referrals. Some language you may want to use, “Thank you for your trust. I build my business on referrals, if you know of anyone else,… I’d love to meet them!”

Tip 2: Be the type of person people want to be around.

Be quick to smile and always make eye contact, it has a magnetic effect. For instance, when you are sincere, helpful and patient people will naturally gravitate to you.

Tip 3: “Do unto others as they wish you do unto them”

This my friends is the “Platinum Rule”, not to be confused with the Golden Rule. Never make it about you! Go above and beyond! People will trust your sincerity and pass the word on. In addition, it will also demonstrate a confidence in your product or service.

It’s one thing to “be in your business”, but when your “business gets into you”, and it becomes part of your belief system, it will become natural to share with everyone.

Tip 4: Engage in Conversations with a sincere compliment

Look for every opportunity to throw a kind remark someone’s way.

“That’s a fabulous necklace.”

“Ma’am, your children are so well behaved.”

“Your Home is beautiful.”

“You are always so friendly, you’re do an amazing job.”

These are just a few examples you can use. The morale to the story is that when you comfortably relay how impressed you are with others, they become impressed by you. There is nothing tears down barriers and walls faster than expressing genuine interest in another human being.

Tip 5: Just create interest.

Stop trying too hard.

You may be simply placing too much focus on the outcome, and not enough time on simply creating interest and building a relationship. Remember, people do business with people they know, like and trust! You don’t need to tell them everything about your business, just enough to”dance”. You wouldn’t expect someone to you to marry them on a first date, would you? Then, why in the world would you have such high expectation on your first interaction? Always remember to extend a hand, before asking for one! Remember you can not predict, you can only open the door.

Tip 6: “Window of Opportunity”

We have those daily moments that we often let slip through our fingers.

Seize the moment!

The next time you have a chance to share your business ~ DO IT!

Your daily priorities are 1. create interest, 2. engage in conversations, 3. add to your contact list.

Tip 7: Little words that can change your Business

“Who do you know who…?”

By using these 5 little words on a daily basis, they can help you build a large, successful business. Statistics show that men and women over the age of 21actually know more than 700 people! Especially with social media we’re more connected than ever! Surprisingly, most people never get beyond their immediate circles of friends or relatives.

Tip 8: Third-Party Approach is Powerful

I can not stress how important it is to ask for referrals at every event, meeting, show, etc. Research has clearly shown that people will tend to think harder about referrals when there is something, “In it for them”. I’d suggest doing a special drawing with a gift to raffle to those that send referrals or perhaps offer something complimentary. Small gifts will go a long way!

Tip 9: Warm Up Your Leads

Make sure any”cold lead” is warmed up first. When someone offers you a referral, simply ask them to give the friend a call ahead of time so you don’t take them by surprise.

You may even offer them a script,

“I met this nice lady last night and told her about you. She was truly impressing and I was enamored by her and her company, I was positive you’ll love her (products, services)! I did mention that I was sure you’d be open to chatting for 5 minutes.”

Tip 10: Hi-Touch in a Hi-Tech World

Do the little things that people won’t expect. Ideas are handwritten cards, an invite to coffee or lunch, flowers, any small little “I appreciate you” gifts. Offer amazing extras throughout the year that cost you minimal, but speak volumes to the people that trust you.

Always, stay “Top of Mind”!

What are your favorite ideas to building referrals and generating new clients? Please share in the comments ~ I’d love to learn from you.

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